...because perception matters

Koofri is short name for Kool friends.

Primarily a platform which encourages the strong bond between you and your friends and helps you in growing it further. The story behind the genius of Koofri is much more than just that! It’s about everyday life, the ups and downs and the highs and lows and more importantly it’s about what doesn’t get through or said in all the mess we face! Or can’t bring ourselves to say! So then why not Koofri it!

But that’s just the beginning:

  • Koofri app helps you get updates from the friends that matter most in your social environment
  • In Koofri app, you can share your views with your friends and build their unique profile
  • Grow your friend network and keep in touch by using the friends rating app - Koofri
  • With Koofri, reach out to friends and view their rated profiles.

Koofri app screens