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Best offers - for you, near you

A hyperlocal mobile application that efficiently maps customer needs to merchant promotions. ofzone achieves this by partnering with maximum brands, businesses and store across the city, providing them a platform. Businesses upload the content on ofzone platform, which resides in the database.

Customers using ofzone app are delivered the best and most relevant offers for them, near them, by using their preference, location and ofzone’s adaptive learning customization algorithm. Customers get relevant content (No Spam), so the conversion is better. Businesses can achieve targeted marketing at a much lesser cost, compared to traditional marketing methods, hence customer acquisition and retention cost is lesser.

Moreover it’s a green solution. Digital marketing reduces print ads, banners and hoardings. Less paper and vinyl means a cleaner and greener earth.

ofzone app screens

To get personalized and relevant offers, and to check out all offers near you, download and install ofzone app from google play store.