Who we are

We deliver well-defined, measurable business outcomes to our clients through the strategic use of e-learning and AI training solutions. We are a technology partner you can rely on to bridge the gap between innovation and application.

At Bigtime Consulting, we combine a pragmatic approach with an entrepreneurial spirit to achieve our clients' goals, leveraging our e-learning expertise and understanding of AI to deliver high-value business consulting and IT professional services.

Bigtime Consulting is a privately owned Indian company. A principal-led organization, with senior management accountable for the outcomes on every project engagement. Our hand-selected team has achieved a strong, MNC client base.

We provide ongoing governance and quality assurance throughout the life of your project engagement, ensuring both our teams and you as the client are supported during all project stages. You can rest assured with Bigtime Consulting, your business is in safe hands.



Anshuman Gautam

Anshuman Gautam

Founder & Digital Learning Architect

I bring more than two decades of experience in managing specialist teams to develop award-winning solutions, large websites, portals, and e-learning software. My career has been defined by a passion for e-learning, AI, and consulting, facilitating collaboration and coordination efforts to maximize efficiencies in various lines of business.

  • Pioneered the world’s first online seat booking system with a virtual seat display.
  • Significantly contributed to launching Australia’s first high-end, multimedia-rich Virtual University e-learning project for a leading University.
  • Assisted in establishing Australia’s first distance education program using a satellite link.
  • Developed and delivered AI training to individuals, corporations, and institutions, with a focus on generative AI tools for optimized outcomes.
  • Created and implemented online collaborative learning frameworks, effectively evaluating and calculating ROI on these implementations.
  • Initiated ‘AI for Visionary Leaders’, a unique AI training program tailored for CEOs and Directors.
  • Actively working on projects to create tools to enhance decision-making through explorative scenarios and insightful outcomes, as well as pioneering a simulation toolset to reshape the way trainers design and deliver learning experiences.

As the Founder & Digital Learning Architect at Bigtime Consulting, I continue to innovate and push the boundaries of digital learning. I believe in the transformative power of e-learning and am excited about the potential of AI in shaping the future of education.