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Custom Application

Bespoke solutions

Reverse Engineering

Have you ever had an application that you need to replicate or modify but you don’t have the source code? Maybe it’s an application that is developed using technology no longer in use or is too expensive and you want to redevelop it. We can help you develop the same application using the latest scalable technology.


Recycling courses for different training purposes defeats the idea of making each course engaging for your learners. At Bigtime, we assure you of custom eLearning course development entirely tailored to suit your exact needs. Whatever your motivations for making the transition to online learning solutions, our development team can cater to your unique requirements.

Web Applications

A top-tier custom web application development company, we address the digital needs of some of the most dynamic industries. After analyzing the specifics of each business domain, we offer the optimal combination of tools and methodology that will enable you to tackle your challenges.

IT Consulting

Digital transformation


Like many of our customers, Information Technology is probably not your core business. Trying to solve all your IT challenges internally can become costly and distracting while other aspects of your business could suffer. Leveraging knowledgeable IT consulting firms like Bigtime, helps your business remain innovative and efficient without taking up valuable work time. As one of the top IT consulting firms, Bigtime empowers your business to start winning at IT.

Design & Develop

Using robust coding, user-friendly designs, intuitive navigation and cutting-edge technology, we deliver dynamic and beautifully crafted solutions for an uninterrupted digital experience that connects you to your customers on any device. Bigtime provides a full-cycle custom application development – Your technology partner in building bespoke solution at affordable costs.


We ensure that integration between your software and third-party products and components works smoothly without set-up problems or compatibility issues. We are always there for you when maintenance is required or if you need our advice and support.

Training Simulation

Complex scenarios

Leadership Training

Leadership development simulations and business training simulations provide learners with the opportunity to try out new skills and decisions and gain real insights into how they would affect a business “in the real world”. This approach to leadership development is a game-changer that helps trainees hone their skills, understand the decisions that would harm a corporation and ultimately boost their confidence.

Staff Training

We develop training simulations with complex scenarios to analyse the results and encourage better outcomes. Simulations empower and engage participants, providing an experiential learning process that stimulates progressive change.